From Ourense to Santiago. Getting to Cea.

Some brief indications to leave Ourense towards Santiago, with the two variants. by Canedo and by Cudeiro. With photos!

Way to Santiago.

Many of our guests are pilgrims who are doing the Camino de Santiago. Some of them after walking for about a month, from Valencia, Algeciras; others from closer, like Zamora Puebla de Sanabria, Chaves…

But many of them start in Ourense, or resume their pilgrimage in our city. That is because we are 105 km from Santiago de Compostela, five kilometres more than the distance from which the Archbishop of Compostela grants the certificates of having made the pilgrimage.

105 kilometres.

That is the official walking distance and there are quite a few ways of dividing those kilometres into stages. The distance covered by the stages to make the Way of Saint James from Ourense from 16 comfortable kilometres to some hard 37.

In a series of articles we will offer you different options so that you can choose the best one according to your abilities and needs.

But first we will start with the way to leave Ourense, towards Cea. This is the first stage of the Way and there are two variants, depending on whether you are going to Cea via Cudeiro or Canedo.

One option is to take the Camiño Real of Cudeiro, which is 23 km long and has a gentle slope.

The other option is to go by the Cuesta de Canedo which is 21km long and has a 10% slope.

Both are viable walking options, but the Cudeiro trail passes through more towns.

Leaving the Grelo Hostel you go down the street until the first crossing. Turn right into Coruña street and go down until you reach the intersection with Progreso street. Turn right again and walk along Progreso Street until you reach the Miño River. The Miño is saved by the Roman bridge.

Once you have passed the bridge you are in the Avenida de las Caldas, you have to go up until you reach a big crossing; where on the left you will find a BBVA, on the right there is an elevated park (you can see the trees), and under the park there are shops. On the opposite sidewalk on the right there is a hardware store and a tobacconist’s.

At this intersection is where you have to make the decision to go through Canedo or Cudeiro.

If you choose to go by Canedo, you have to continue up Avda. das Caldas until you reach the train station. There, following the sidewalk of the station, continue along the street Eulogio Gómez Franqueira, towards Vigo following the N-120, until you reach the detour to go to Quintela de Canedo.

At this point we will find the Arnoia winery on the left sidewalk and the O Fogón barbecue on the right.

Take the OU-0520, until you reach the turn-off for Costiña de Canedo.

Follow this track, passing under the train tunnel and without stopping until you reach Cea.

If you choose to go through Cudeiro, at the crossroads take the street that comes out on the right, Avda. de Santiago. We will save the train tracks by a bridge and we will be in Praza da Mariña. We have to continue by Santiago Avenue until we reach a Cepsa petrol station, there we will see a big sign that indicates the direction to follow to continue the way to Santiago.

Once we take that direction we have to be careful to cross the N-525, which early in the morning can have traffic from people living in the hinterland and go down to the city to work.

Once you enter Cudeiro, without stopping until Cea.

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