A place to run in Ourense: Paseo do Barbaña

Very close to the Grelo Hostel there is a little known river walk, very used for running along the Barbaña River. You can go back along both banks of the river and it is a 90% dirt track.

Let’s meet this little jewel of Ourense.

How to get to the running place:

To reach it, you just have to leave the Grelo, turn left into the alley and go down the stairs. You have to continue along Lugo Street and reach the intersection with Progreso Street. Cross the zebra crossing and continue along Marcelo Macías Street. When we reach the beginning of the bridge we cross to the other side of the street by the zebra crossing and go down the side street that goes down to the Barbaña river.

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This is the side street you go down when you cross the sidewalk at the bridge.

When we arrive at the river we will see a bridge and on each side the beginning of the river walk. To start a walk or a race you can take the path that comes out on the left, before crossing the bridge.

It’s a «circular» circuit so you go one way and come back the other way.

When you take the one on the left, its end is a very steep staircase, you go up it and, when you get to the top, you turn right, going down a slope and you reach the other path that is on the opposite bank.

If, to start the route, you preferred to start on the road past the bridge, you will arrive at the same point, at that slope that when it ends you turn left and go down the stairs to return.

A lo largo de todo el trayecto, os encontraréis con varios puentes para dar la vuelta antes sin ningún tipo de problemas.

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Spectacular route, right?

All this route that there is near the Grelo to run in the Barbaña, is of land and along the river you will be able to see diverse flora of bank quite characteristic of Ourense and also something of fauna. Depending on the time of year it will be more or less exuberant.

On one side we have willows, alders and birches, poplars and wicker plants. These are the most recognizable trees and arbiusutes. And of the fauna, the mallard, which breeds in the Barbaña, blackbirds, white wagtails, robins, redshanks.

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A couple of mallard ducks, lavancos in Galician.

More information in https://www.rios-galegos.com/vidario0.htm


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