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The garden of Posío

A place to visit and have a good time near the Grelo Hostel is the Garden of Posío.

Origins of Xardín do Posío

An old botanical garden created by the teachers of the next Otero Pedrayo Secondary School. Although at that time, in 1846, the name was «Centro Provincial de Instrucción», because it began to house the Secondary School, the School of Arts and Crafts, the Teachers’ Training School and the Public Library.

These teachers brought specimens from the Botanical Garden of Madrid to create a small botanical garden in the city of Ourense, to teach their students as well as for the amusement of the population.

So, this botanical garden soon became a space that the people of Ourense used for their leisure time, a custom that is still maintained today, more than a century after its creation.

Walkway of palms
The terraces

It is divided into three fairly recognisable spaces. An upper terrace, a central one and a lower one.

The upper terrace is now a wooded playground. But originally, the large number of trees that were there made them call this area, the Forest.

The terrace in the middle is a usual place to walk and enjoy a cafeteria that is inside the Xardín. This area is also used for concerts, exhibitions and other cultural activities.

Duck pond.

The lower terrace, for us the best, has a large walkway of palms, large areas of grass in the shade, various species of trees such as mulberry, cedar, fir, lime … A huge aviary with a large number of tenants, a pond where they enjoy ducks and geese and the stars of the Xardín, peacocks, are part of the fauna that can be observed inside it. In short, the Xardín do Posío is a good place to spend the afternoon reading, sunbathing… Or watching the time go by in a relaxed way.

Near Grelo Xardín Posío

We have already mentioned that the Xardín do Posío is close to Grelo Hostel, and it will only take a few minutes to get there. You only have to leave the Grelo, turn left into the alley and go down the stairs, continue straight and when you reach the crossroads on the left hand side you will see the Garden. Easy! Enjoy it.

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