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Alternative route to go in in the city of Ourense

Grelo Hostel Presents you an alternative route to go in in the city of Ourense.

We know by experience and by you comments of 99% of the pilgrims that lodge with us Xunqueira of Ambía- Ourense is one of the hardest stages of the Route Sanabresa by the quantity of asphalt that it is necessary transitar. It is necessary to cross an industrial polygon (Saint Cibrao of Vineyards), one commercial (Polygon of Barreiros) and finally several kilometres inside the city of Ourense.

So taking advantage of that the Barbaña goes through Ourense and there is a footpath that passes in his banks, that is very very prepared by the Concello of Ourense and goes in parallel to the Avenue of Zamora, that is the street by where goes in to the city doing the way. Grelo Hostel Invites you to that you take advantage of it.

It is a route that is a footpath of earth 95% of the time, circulating under the protective mantle of the vegetation of bank, there is good copies of salgueiros (sauce ceniciento), amieiros (alisos) and bidueiros (white birch). Also we can see lavancos (anáde real), lavandeiras (lavanderas) and see no so much, but yes listen the trill of the carrizo (chochín)

To take the footpath it is necessary to be relatively attentive. When going out of Seixalbo and before going in in Ourense, sees a crossing, for more signal there is a supermarket.

In this crossing going down to the left
Following this indication!

It is necessary to take street down to arrive until the fluvial footpath, once is in him, does not stop

And here we turn to the right

Until it arrives to a point where it is necessary to cross a road, that is very visible. 

It crosses by the step of pedestrians.

This is the end of the first stretch
This is the pavilion Paco Paz. It is necessary to cross here.
And those are the two options to continue.

Once it is in the another side, the bicycles can go by the right margin of the river, there is a ramp to access to her and is easier for these vehicles.

This is the access for the bicycles
By this ramp. It is necessary to go with care that there are a lot of people strolling.

The pilgrims on foot can go by the left margin going down some stairs.

Like this it sees the access of the stairs
When seeing them think, are going down them, not going up

Once that it is again in the footpath, continues until it goes back to appear a road of asphalt

Sight of the start of the second stretch for caminantes.
Like this they see the River Barbaña those that go in bike.

They see the pillars of a big bridge and it is necessary to take this street rightwards.

By this street it is necessary to go up

Here it finishes the alternative route to go in in the city of Ourense. Already you are practically in the centre, only remains to arrive to the Grelo.

To arrive until the Grelo Hostel, rises the slope in parallel to the bridge, advances until it arrives to a crossing in which just confront, is the Garden of the Posío. Here it turns to the right, and in the following semaphore to the left to access to rúa Coruña. It rises by her, keeping to the Garden of the Posío in the left side. You happen a first crossing, and in the following cross leftwards, street up, Rúa Pena Trevinca. In some minutes will see the entrance of the Grelo Hostel.

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