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Montealegre Botanical Park

A place to visit and have a good time near the Grelo Hostel is the Botanical Park of Montealegre Most people don’t know it, but Ourense is the most northern area of the Peninsula to have a Mediterranean climate. This is due to the peculiar orography of Galicia, thanks to which we have a diversity …

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The garden of Posío

A place to visit and have a good time near the Grelo Hostel is the Garden of Posío. Origins of Xardín do Posío An old botanical garden created by the teachers of the next Otero Pedrayo Secondary School. Although at that time, in 1846, the name was «Centro Provincial de Instrucción», because it began to …

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Ourense hot springs

The Ourense hot springs are springs from which water springs at temperatures above 60º. We bathe in them because they have healing properties and they leave us at ease. Here we tell you why the water comes out hot and how to get to them. In Ourense and its surroundings, for thousands of years we …

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